Efficient Curtain Cleaning Services Ideal For Home or Office

Curtain cleaning is a simple but vital chore – and a great add-on for many of our other fabric cleansing options, as well as being a great standalone service itself. Like all of the services delivered by Carpet Cleaning Ickenham, you’ll get convenient appointments, round-the-clock phone support, and highly effective cleansing delivered using the most advanced available technology.

The Advantages of Using Us As Your Curtain Cleaners

  • One service takes care of all of your hanging fabric for you – no fuss or hassle;
  • Full insurance cover provided as standard;
  • Stain pre-treatment and powerful cleansing included in your appointment;
  • Get in touch with a friendly adviser and make your booking 24/7;
  • Seven-day service options – select any convenient time for your appointment;
  • Combine your order with rug cleaning and dry upholstery cleaning to complete your fabric cleaning package;
  • Get an all-inclusive free quote on demand from experienced curtain cleaners;

More Information About Your Curtain Cleaning Services

The first step involved in your curtain cleaning services will be to take your hanging fabric down from the wall or rails where it normally resides. This will allow your technicians to assess your fabric, making sure that any stains or marked Ickenhams can be pre-treated before your service starts.

We tend to favour our hot water extraction cleansing process to clean curtains of all kinds. This process is quick and efficient, and requires a drying time of less than an hour and a half. Like all of the services we deliver, your task is accomplished while we pay proper care and attention to the rest of your home or office.
The refreshing effect of drapes cleaning is quickly noticeable – especially in smaller properties. The fabric acts as an air filter, removing dust particulates and more from the air that you breathe. Clearing the filter, so to speak, will greatly improve the quality of air in your home.

Get a Free Quote – Then Book!

Call us any time you need to make or amend your booking. Simply dial 020 7846 0560 or contact us whenever you need to – we’re on the line and ready to assist you around the clock, and happy to provide a free quote on expert curtain cleaning at your convenience.

That’s not all we can do for you either! Book any of our range of professional cleaning options by visiting our home page, and viewing the list. Ordering more than one at the same time is a great way to get discounts on your bookings.