Dry Carpet Cleaning Services Protecting and Cleansing Any Material

Gentle enough to be used on fabric which might otherwise shrink. Strong enough to cleanse away all kinds of dirt. Professional dry carpet cleaning is a brilliant choice for all kinds of rugs and carpeting. With Carpet Cleaning Ickenham you know you’re getting it done right too – fully trained specialists carry out all cleansing under full insurance protection, and quality guarantee.

What You Get With Us As Your Dry Carpet Cleaners

  • Cleansing method specially designed to deal with naturally woven materials
  • No need to wait around for drying after your service is finished
  • Complete coverage for your clean in the form of comprehensive insurance
  • Friendly and helpful advisers to assist you in booking or altering your appointment 24/7
  • Booking times on offer every day of the week and weekend, including any holiday days
  • Cleanse other fabric around your home or business property with our dry upholstery cleaning or mattress cleaning options
  • Find out just how little the work of your dry carpet cleaners will cost you in just one phone call! No fee – no obligation

More Details Regarding Your Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

Dry carpet cleaning services from us are delivered onsite, with all furniture and other items being moved out of the Ickenham first to make sure that every corner of your carpeting is dealt with properly. Before your service starts, your fabric will be examined in detail to ensure that any stains are noticed and given proper pre-treatment first.
Then the main part of your service will take place. Dry fabric cleaning uses a special sort of powder chips developed by market leading suppliers Prochem. These chips are spread evenly across your carpeting, and allowed to bind together with any dirt that is present before being vacuumed clear. The powder actively dissolves any bond between dirt and fabric, allowing for easy removal. All furniture is then replaced, and your team will give your property a careful inspection to make sure they haven’t left any mess behind them.

Setting Your Service Up

You can do this at any time. Give us a call on 020 7846 0560 at your convenience, or get typing into our booking form to make all of the arrangements online. You can contact us by either method and get a free quote 24/7.

Bear in mind that the best way to get the lowest price for the professional cleaning you need is to book everything you need at the same time. Check out our home page to see what our other clients have booked alongside their dry carpet cleaning services!