Mattress Cleaning Services Which Eliminate Bed Bugs and More!

Don’t overlook your bedding when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. This mattress cleaning service keeps your sleeping situation free from dirt and pests, and is suitable for all sizes and types of mattress. Now Carpet Cleaning Ickenham brings our fabric cleaning expertise into the bedroom!

The Benefits of Using Us As Your Mattress Cleaners Brings:

  • A fast acting service suitable for all kinds of mattresses, including king size, queen size, doubles, singles, and more;
  • Ultraviolet light is used eliminate bed bugs and pests to ensure a mess-free process;
  • Other techniques available, suitable for some mattresses;
  • Get in touch with highly trained mattress cleaners 24 hours a day, any day of the week;
  • Book an appointment to take place any day, Monday through Sunday;
  • Add upholstery cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and more to get an intensive cleanse of all of your fabric;
  • No cost or obligation to requesting a free quote – just call now;

Your Professional Mattress Cleaning Services Will Work Like This:

Our preferred method is a high intensity ultraviolet light-based device. The light kills any pests that are present in your mattress – particularly bed bugs and dust mites – and the machine is fitted with a powerful vacuum cleaner which is then employed to suck up all dirt, dust, and dead pests. Feel free to ask your team to view the contents of the machine to see just how much debris is removed – you might be in for a nasty surprise!
The entire process takes less than fifteen minutes per mattress, which is why we’re often employed by the managers and owners of hostels and hotels.

We also offer steam cleaning for mattresses, as this is sometimes a more suitable option. If you need any advice as to which is the best treatment for your mattress, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details below.

Get a Free Quote On Your Service

Calling us on 020 7846 0560 is the simplest way to get in touch with us – and we make sure that you can do so 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Or why not contact us online? Either way, we’ll be pleased to provide you with a free quote on the mattress cleaning services you need.

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