Match These Steam Carpet Cleaning Services To Even the Dirtiest Fabrics

The best choice for almost all artificial and synthetic fabrics, steam carpet cleaning gets you fast and efficient results. Whether your fabric simply needs a thorough refresh, or you have stains and heavily soiled Ickenhams, this option from Carpet Cleaning Ickenham is your one-stop solution- powerful, effective, fully insured and guaranteed.

Why We’re the First Choice When You Need Steam Carpet Cleaners

  • Specialist services delivered using powerful equipment designed for even bad dirt and stains;
  • Scotchgard protection and air mover hire available for after your appointment is complete;
  • All of your items are protected by full insurance cover, and quality guarantee;
  • Give us a call or contact us online whenever you need to – we’re standing by around the clock;
  • Book a service any day of the week or at the weekend without worrying about additional charges;
  • A selection of high quality services for upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, and more – create the perfect service combination;
  • Quotes are available on demand – simply give us a call to find out precisely how much yours will cost;

More Details About Your Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

Steam carpet cleaning is professionally known as hot water extraction because of the mechanism which it employs to clean materials. The technique works through pressure injecting a mix of specially chosen detergent and heated water deep into the pile of your carpet. The water will then be extracted along with all of the dirt, and around 95% of the moisture. The heat of the “steam” is very effective at killing any pests that may be present, as well as at removing dirt.
Your steam carpet cleaners will carefully open the pile of your carpet to speed drying time, which is usually less than three hours depending on the ventilation of the room in question. But don’t worry – we always leave you with a pair of overshoes to wear so that you can move around freely even before your fabric dries. All items of furniture in the Ickenham will be carefully removed and replaced on foil pads before and after your service.

Book Your Service At Any Time

We operate seven days a week, and keep our support lines staffed around the clock. Dial 020 7846 0560 whenever you have five minutes to spare then, or choose to contact us online if you’d prefer to avoid the phone call. You’ll get a free quote and the answers to any questions you might have about your steam carpet cleaning services instantly.

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