Refresh All of Your Furniture With These Upholstery Cleaning Services

There’s no need to mess around deciding on which is the best upholstery cleaning option for your furniture. This all-in-one service gets tailored to match the specific needs of your fabric by trained and experienced professionals. And like all of Carpet Cleaning Ickenham’s services, it is of course delivered under full insurance protection, and to the highest quality-guaranteed standard.

Why We’re the First Choice Local Upholstery Cleaners

  • Multiple methods available to treat any sort of fabric type you might have;
  • Treatment for all stains included in your service for no extra charge;
  • Quality guarantee and full insurance cover included in your appointment;
  • Phone lines and online support available whenever you need them – 24/7;
  • Monday through Sunday availability, with no additional fee from your upholstery cleaners no matter the day you choose;
  • Build your perfect fabric cleansing package with our mattress cleaning or steam carpet cleaning services;
  • There’s no fee or obligation to the quotes we provide – get yours in one quick phone call now!

What Your Upholstery Cleaning Services Will Do For Your Fabric

Suited to all types of upholstered furniture, in any commercial or domestic property, this service will refresh and cleanse any fabric of the dirt and stains it has picked up in its daily life.
The first stage will always be for your technicians to examine the piece in question, noting any marks or stains so that they can be addressed first. Once stain pre-treatment is complete, they’ll progress with the main body of your upholstery cleaning services. This will be:

  1. Dry cleaning – for natural materials which might shrink if exposed to water
  2. Steam cleaning – more properly called hot water extraction cleaning, for artificial and synthetic fabrics

The drying time for steam cleaning is around three hours, while dry cleaned fabric will be ready for use immediately. This also makes the latter method a good choice for artificial-fabric types of upholstered furniture placed in foyers or busy Ickenhams where instant use would be desirable.

Book Your Service Now

Find out a little more about the service you need, or confirm your appointment after getting a free quote, by dialling 020 7846 0560 or using our booking form to contact us. No matter how you reach us, there’ll be someone standing by to answer your questions and confirm your booking around the clock.

As well as our highly effective upholstery cleaning services, we offer many other professional options to keep your home or business property in top trim. Visit our home page to view the full list, and booking everything you need together for the best deal.